ISP Woes

Thank you to everyone who pointed out that my Web site and blogs disappeared this morning. Something went wrong with my ISP. The best information I could obtain came from its Web site, which said, “We’re currently experiencing issues with customer websites being served correctly.” Thanks, but I knew that.

This the second time in a week my Web site disappeared. The first time, it shut me down after failing to notify me that the credit card I had on file had expired. When a customer service rep insisted I had been sent notice, he at first could find no record of it then claimed to have found an e-mail sent to a long-discontinued e-mail address. When I pointed out that I had revised my e-mail contact info some time ago and received many e-mails from the company at my correct address, he explained that cancellation notices were sent from a different server that had never been updated with my correct information.

Because the company is headquartered in my home state of Massachusetts, I tried to contact the general counsel to suggest that he have his company review its policies and practices. He never responded to me.

I have been with the company, BlueDomino, since 2001, with only occasional and minor problems. It, in the meantime, has been through at least one and perhaps multiple changes of ownership. I hate to contemplate changing my ISP, but I’m not I have a choice any longer.

So, any suggestions?

And it would be nice if the ISP also offers pre-installed WordPress, because it may also be time for me to move off Blogger.

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  1. Diane Levin says:

    Bob, sorry to hear about your web hosting issues. May I suggest I’ve been really satisfied with them — no pesky server issues with them, ever, in the 12 months I’ve been with them following a bad experience with GoDaddy. Plus they offer one-touch WordPress installation if you’re thinking about leaving Blogger. (WordPress incidentally allows you to import posts from Blogger easily.)

    Best of luck, Bob, and keep us posted!


  2. David Carson says:

    I’ve been with Blue Host for about a year and they’ve been great. One click WP install.

    But I’m in the process of setting up a dedicated server over at Media Temple only because I’m starting to host more and more sites. MT is aimed more at premium/business users.

    You will be very happy once you move over to WordPress!

  3. Ed Still says:

    Bob, take a look at Hosting Matters ( I have been with them for several years. A few outages or slowdowns, but the customer service people could explain to me what was happening and when it would be resolved.

  4. In addition to mediating (and blogging), I also do web development. I use a host called Elpex. Their customer service is excellent.

    I use WordPress for my blog and it is excellent. It takes 5 minutes to install and you do not really need a lot of expertise to do it.

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