Challenge: Sum Up a SCOTUS Case in 140 Characters

Dan Schwartz has issued a challenge: Tweet your favorite U.S. Supreme Court case. Schwartz, author of the Connecticut Employment Law Blog, is organizing an April 9 educational program at UConn Law School on how technology is changing the practice of law.

To help build buzz for the event, he is issuing this challenge to legal professionals. The idea is to summarize or comment on a favorite or notable Supreme Court case in 140 characters or less and post it to Twitter. Actually, it will have to be even fewer than 140, because you need to add the hashtag #cbftech, which will allow others on Twitter to follow all the contributions.

Click on the hashtag link to read what others have done. Then add your own SCOTUS Tweet.

The Event is Free

Speaking of buzz for the event, it is a great program. Check out the agenda and speakers. (I am one of the speakers.) The event will also be webcast live, for those who cannot attend.

Best of all, the program is free and includes breakfast and lunch.

The program is sponsored by the Connecticut Bar Foundation along with the Connecticut Law Tribune, Brandon Smith Reporting & Video, and Pullman & Comley.

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