10 Ways Technology is Rewiring Law Practice

How has technology changed the practice of law and what does it suggest about the future of law practice? These are the slides from a presentation I gave Oct. 1, 2012, at the FirmFuture conference in Boston.

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  1. Nick says:

    Really informative Robert! Thanks for writing this, I’m going to show this to my lawyer friend who hates technology.

    I’ll definitely reference this in my next blog post as well.

    Thanks again,

  2. […] Technology. With the rise of the tablet this past year, a lot of oxygen has been spent on the topic of personal technologies (tablets, smartphones, apps, apps, apps … ) and how they do or do not interact with a law firm’s existing systems. But the tools are just a single theme for your technology and the law conversation. (Frankly, the better conversations these days focus less on the tools and more on the process—the work that needs to be done.) What about how technology is changing the way lawyers actually deliver their services: the retail lawyer delivering unbundled solutions to legal problems, the virtual lawyer who needs no office—and the nimble ways corporate counsel can assemble all-star teams. How about the ways technology is fueling competition from outside the profession? How do your conversations about technology and the future of the law go? For a kick-starter, take a look at Bob Ambrogi’s neat slide-deck: ”10 Ways Technology is Rewiring Law Practice.“ […]

  3. Enjoyed your informative slideshare and just shared it on our LITIG8R TECH blog this morning. Would have loved to seen it live!



  4. Steve says:

    Reading the first comment, I wonder how many attorneys remain techno-phobic or rely on others for their tech insight and knowledge.

    Inexpensive cloud services certainly has changed the way that the solo practitioners approach and empower their practices, but I think it only does so because attorneys realize that they need them to be competitive these days.

    If they play ostrich to the competitive advantages that tech tools can deliver, I think they will certainly turn into dodos.

    I’m very excited about the survey trends that your presentation highlights. About time.

    Thank you. Like the others, I would have enjoyed seeing it live.


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  6. lawinsider says:

    Loved the slides, as well. I think that the success of online legal service providers like LegalZoom and RocketLawyer were a wake up call for lawyers. Not to say those are perfect models, but it provided proof-of-concept that the consumer of legal services was willing to have a more virtual experience.

  7. […] case you haven’t noticed, technology is irrevocably changing the practice of law. Unfortunately, law schools have not done a good job of keeping up with that […]

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