Feb 14, 2014

Preview Shots of the New Law.com

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As I mentioned in a post here two weeks ago, Law.com had scheduled an event at LegalTech New York to launch its new website and mobile app. The site did not actually launch at the event, as I mistakenly thought it would, but Law.com staff were providing previews. At the event, I sat down with Law.com editor Nathalie Gorman for a quick tour, and she later provided me with these screenshots of the new site. The new site is slated to launch in mid-March.

The new site will use a responsive design that will be consistent across pages and that will adapt to any device, so that the page layout will adapt to any size browser. As you can see from the images below, the new site uses a tiled design that looks less cluttered than the current design and, in my opinion, more graphically appealing. (The first image below is the current site as it looks today.)

The redesign is far more than cosmetic, however. The new site will present content in a significantly different way than the current site. With the new site, content will be organized by practice areas and industries. As you can see from the screenshot below, the main navigation bar has been dramatically simplified from its current configuration, with just four top-level categories: In Practice, Industry, Insights and Resources.

The new Contributor Network that I’ve described in previous posts will launch concurrent with the launch of the new site. When I spoke to Nathalie in New York, she said that they already had close to 200 contributors lined up and were continuing to add more. The contributors have already started training on the new platform, which will allow them to add posts much as they would to a ┬áblog.


The current home page as it appears today. (Click for larger.)


Law.com Screenshot Homepage

The new homepage. (Click for larger.)


Law.com Screenshot Homepage II

Bottom half of homepage, showing Contributor Network and Practice Highlights. (Click for larger.)


Law.com Screenshot Practice Areas

Practice-area page. (Click for larger.)


Law.com Screenshot Practice Areas II

Bottom part of practice-area page. (Click for larger.)

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