Does Reddit Have Anything Useful for Lawyers?


Have you ever tried Reddit, the content-sharing and discussion site? There is a lot there. But the question is, is there anything there of value to lawyers?

I offer an answer to that question in my column this week at Above the Law: This Week in Legal Tech: Is Reddit Worth It for Lawyers?

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  • I’ve been a member of Solosez for around 15 years. I also tried out the Lawyers Reddit recently.

    I think Solosez is, in general, more valuable than Reddit forums because Solosez posters have to use their own names. Knowing exactly who a piece of advice is coming from helps you evaluate the value of the advice.

    Additionally, Solosez is a true community. Many sezzers have been members for 15 years or more. There are occasional local in-person gatherings around the country, and many friendships, professional relationships and even a marriage have resulted from connections made on Solosez.

    • Bob Ambrogi

      I agree with you. I was a member for many years. I finally had to quit because there was too much activity on it. There are other subject-specific and state-specific listservs that are also very valuable, depending on the type and location of your practice.

    • I am actively using Reddit but have not tried Solosez. Though was not very enjoying that community but still was trying to find out if it can be useful for lawyers. But now I will give a try to Solosez too.

  • Brad Rosen

    Is anyone aware of any open lawyer oriented Slack online communities?