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The practice management platform Clio today is introducing Trust Requests, a feature that helps lawyers create and track requests to clients for payments of funds into trust accounts. The feature operates in much the same way as Clio’s invoicing system, but along an entirely separate accounting stream to keep trust deposits and payments separate from […]

Bluford is seated in the front row, second from left. The case of legal startup QuickLegal and its CEO Derek Bluford keeps getting curiouser. As I first reported in a post here two weeks ago, the CEO of this California-based startup – who was slated to be featured during a lightning round on legal innovation […]

In the legal-startups category of “here today, gone tomorrow,” lawyer-bidding sites rank right at the top. Just last year, in a single post here, I wrote about the demise of one such site, Shpoonkle, which had launched in 2011 to much fanfare, and the debut of another such site, Lawtendr. A year later, Lawtendr too […]

Fujitsu today unveiled ScanSnap Cloud, a feature that allows scanning directly to popular cloud services, without the need for a computer or mobile device. The feature works with either the ScanSnap iX500 desktop scanner or the iX100 portable scanner and is free for current users of either model. As of today’s launch, it allows scanning to […]

I mentioned last month that I would be joining the Above the Law network and contributing a weekly column there. My new column debuted there today. In addition to the obligatory self-introduction, I kicked it off with a description of six things I believe make a good legal technology product. Check it our here: This […]

If you are attending the Connecticut Bar Association’s 2016 Connecticut Legal Conference next week, I look forward to seeing you there. I am speaking on 30 Cool Tools for Lawyers: The Latest and Greatest in Legal Tech from 4 to 5:30 p.m. I’ll be covering: New platforms to help you manage your practice. Continue reading →

Here are the latest additions to my list of legal startups. Send additions to To read more about why I created this list, see this post. Foundation Software Group Foundation Software Group is a developer of next-generation software for large law firms. The company is led by an accomplished team of professionals who have a proven track […]

Tom Boyle was a CPA doing bookkeeping for small law firms in North Carolina when he decided there had to be better software for lawyers’ trust accounting. Most firms he worked with used either QuickBooks or Microsoft Excel, but both were cumbersome for lawyers to use and neither was well-suited to the fiduciary requirements of […]

A gamification feature allows users to earn coins as they learn the system. The cloud practice management platform Rocket Matter today is rolling out a series of updates designed to address requests from existing customers and to help new customers get up to speed on the system. The new features being added today are: Continue reading […]

Yesterday I published a post about Derek Bluford, CEO and founder of QuickLegal, and his recent agreement to have a judgment of $559,330 entered against him to settle a lawsuit charging him with impersonating a lawyer, forging legal documents and fraudulently swindling two clients. Bluford had not returned my call to him before I published […]

The phrase “the rule of law” has never rung right to me. It sounds onerous and oppressive. Yet its meaning is exactly the opposite. It represents the principle that no one should be above the law — not governments, not corporations, not the rich, not anyone — and that the system of laws is fair, […]