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Lou Andreozzi, the former chairman of Bloomberg Law and CEO of LexisNexis North American Legal Markets, has been appointed as CEO to lead the new .law generic top-level domain (gTLD). Andreozzi will head a new division within the Santa Monica, Calif., company Minds + Machines, which has been granted an exclusive license to operate the […]

The Supreme Court of Washington has approved revisions to the Rules of Professional Conduct governing lawyers in that state that allow lawyers and limited license legal technicians to form partnerships and share fees. To my knowledge, this makes Washington the first state to allow fee sharing and joint ownership of a law practice between a […]

Sometime in the next 30 days, Adobe will launch the latest version of its popular Acrobat PDF software, and it will be notably different from prior versions. The new Acrobat DC, as it will be called, will be part of a broader offering, Adobe Document Cloud, all aimed at reducing the waste and inefficiency of […]

Building on the viral success of his start-ups Invisible Girlfriend and Invisible Boyfriend – services that make it look like you are in a relationship even when you are not – founder Matthew Homann will now launch Intangible Lawyer, a service that will make it look like you have a lawyer even if you cannot […]

Keep a necktie long enough and it will eventually come back into style. And so it is with podcasts — including legal podcasts. They were the next big thing. Then they weren’t. And now they are again. Or at least so it seems. Trust me on this. I’ve been there for the roller-coaster ride. My […]

  At the March 18 Converge conference sponsored by Above the Law, the Legal Talk Network recorded a series of podcasts featuring interviews with the speakers and with the ATL editors. I hosted several of the interviews and four of the ones I hosted are now posted. They are (follow the links to listen): Online […]

I wrote recently that 13 states had adopted the ethical duty of technology competence reflected in 2012 amendments to the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct. Well, make it 14. Today, the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts ordered the adoption of Comment 8 to Rule 1.1, which will now read as follows in Mass.: To […]

At her Dewey B. Strategic blog, Jean O’Grady took an unscientific but nonetheless fascinating poll of her readers to ask them about the best new products they became aware of in 2014. She also asked them about the products or services they would like to have but that do not currently exist. Jean is director […]

Since its debut at ABA Techshow last year, Cosmolex has been on a development roll. It started as a cloud-based time, billing and trust accounting program for solos and small firms. (I reviewed it here.) Then, in December, it added a suite of practice-management tools that included document storage and management, pre-defined workflows and case […]

Firm Manager, the cloud-based practice management platform from LexisNexis, today is announcing the addition of batch invoicing. The new feature uses a “wizard” to guide attorneys through the process of creating a batch of invoices, according to the announcement. This enables a law firm to establish a regular billing cycle to prepare all their invoices […]

The Law Practice Division of the American Bar Association is currently accepting applications from those interested in serving on the division’s various boards and committees. The members of these boards help produce ABA Techshow, Law Practice magazine, the Law Practice Today webzine, books, education programs, and other initiatives. But the time to apply is short […]