In case you think the market for practice management software isn’t already crowded enough, you will soon have another choice. Sometime this spring, Citrix will launch ShareFile Legal, a practice management platform that will be tightly integrated with the company’s file storage and sharing platform, Citrix ShareFile. The launch version of ShareFile Legal will include […]

An example of where text was missing. What it should have said. Subscribers to Thomson Reuters Westlaw and hard-copy reporter volumes got a surprise last night: An email informing them that TR had erroneously omitted small portions of text from some 600 cases published since November 2014. Continue reading →

Casetext is on a journey. And it just took another big step along the path. The journey is to develop a free legal research platform that is as robust and useful as a paid site. The big step is a new case-reading page that adds features that make it easier to quickly understand what a […]

The Boston-based company Anaqua, which provides a cloud-based IP management and workflow platform, today announced its acquisition of two sibling IP technology products, AcclaimIP, a patent analytics application, and Free Patents Online, a free patent search tool, both of which were previously owned by partners James Ryley, Erik Reeves and Matt Troyer, with offices in Baltimore […]

Two years ago, in a post here titled, A Time of Unprecedented Innovation in Legal Technology, I noted that Angel List, a site that lists startups of all kinds, included 412 companies identified as legal startups. Today, the number of legal startups included at Angel List is 1,094. That is nearly threefold growth in the number […]


There is tremendous variability within the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) in terms of how each of the individual 8,000+ patent examiners treats an application and the inconsistency of allowance rates within similar art units. Similar art units can have as much as 50 percent variability* in allowance, leaving patent prosecutors to wonder how […]

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The Dutch ODR platform Rechtwijzer has garnered broad acclaim. Twenty years ago, I published an article, Cyberspace Becomes Forum for Resolving Disputes, about the promise and potential of online dispute resolution (ODR). Someone active in the field recently told me that mine was the first published article about ODR. I don’t know about that, but […]

After reporting yesterday on Avvo’s launch of Avvo Legal Forms, I had an opportunity to speak today with the company’s CEO, Mark Britton, who is in Las Vegas, where he is attending Avvo’s annual Lawyernomics conference. After my post yesterday, Ken Adams of the blog Adams on Contract Drafting wrote a post criticizing the new offering […]

LawToolBox is an online, rule-based deadline calculator that I reviewed in some depth in 2013. Ever since 2013, it has integrated with Microsoft Outlook through an Office 365 app. But the integration was one way, meaning that all calculations and changes had to be made through the LawToolBox website, after which they would be automatically […]

Crossing into a territory already occupied by companies such as LegalZoom and RocketLawyer, Avvo announced today the launch of Avvo Legal Forms. But Avvo’s new offering has one big difference from those other companies — all of its forms are free. Today’s news, announced at Avvo’s annual Lawyernomics conference in Las Vegas, comes just two […]

Is prepaid legal insurance an answer to bridging the gap in access to justice? The insurance company ARAG believes it is. A longtime provider of legal insurance through employer-sponsored benefit plans, it is today introducing a direct-to-consumer plan,, that will allow consumers to purchase coverage for a range of legal matters for just $16.25 […]