After my post Monday about Law Genius, a crowdsourcing site for posting and annotating legal documents, someone pointed me to this Betabeat piece from 2012 that provides further details on the site’s origins as Rap Genius, its funding from venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, and its transition from a site for annotating rap lyrics to one for […]

Seems kind of crazy that I’ve been doing this blog for 12 years. But here’s the evidence, my first post, on Nov. 19, 2002: Welcome to my blog. Why do I keep doing it after a dozen years? It’s fun. It keeps me on my toes. It’s helped me make some very good friends and meet […]

Among many competing practice management systems, AbacusLaw is a stalwart, on the market for over three decades. And while the software has been updated and enhanced over the years, its user interface was dated. Now, AbacusLaw has undergone an overhaul. The new version released yesterday, dubbed AbacusLaw 2015, promises to provide all the same features […]

There is something very fitting in the fact that a site that started out deciphering rap lyrics is now turning its attention to making sense of the law. The site, Law Genius, is the newest member of the larger Genius network of crowdsourced community sites, all of which grew out of the original site, Rap […]

As if drafting a legal pleading or brief wasn’t work enough, then you have to format it. That means getting the caption just right, assembling the table of contents, building the table of authorities, making sure footnotes are in the right format, etc., etc. And how you do all these things will vary depending on […]

Eight-hundred-year-old documents are not the usual bailiwick of this blog. On Friday, however, I had the great privilege of attending an event at the Supreme Court for the release of the book, Magna Carta: Muse & Mentor. What I learned is that the story of Magna Carta’s origins and impact is far more complex than my […]

Email encryption is one of those things lawyers talk about far more than they do. As I reported here recently, the 2014 ABA Legal Technology Survey Report found that only a quarter of law firms had any kind of email encryption available for their lawyers to use. Instead, a large majority of lawyers rely on confidentiality statements […]

The winner and a finalist in the ABA Journal’s Hackcess to Justice event, held last August during the ABA annual meeting in Boston, are teaming up to teach a course at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on using software and technology to expand access to justice. William Palin, the Massachusetts lawyer who won first prize […]

A new service formally launches today that provides fixed-fee legal help to businesses for common matters such as business formations, employment agreements, confidentiality agreements and trademark registrations. The service, Legal Hero, promises to provide businesses with clearly priced legal help from lawyers who have been carefully vetted for quality and experience. The service has been […]

The free legal research site CourtListener rolled out a notable enhancement this week, adding oral arguments from the Supreme Court and nine federal appellate courts to its collection of primary legal materials. Now, when you conduct a search on CourtListener, the search results page includes matching oral arguments. You can toggle the results page between […]

Just last week, I wrote about Avvo Advisor, the new service from Avvo that provides on-demand legal advice by phone for a fixed fee of $39 for 15 minutes. (See my posts here and here.) Turns out another company, Lawdingo, recently started a similar service, offering telephone consultations with a lawyer within minutes for a […]