Another Supreme Court term has come to a close. In this week’s Lawyer 2 Lawyer, we look back on the key cases and reflect on the impact of the death of Justice Antonin Scalia. Helping us do that are two expert observers of the court: Tony Mauro, Supreme Court correspondent for the National Law Journal. […]

Firm Manager, the cloud-based practice management platform from LexisNexis, today introduced a new two-tiered subscription model and new features to go along with the new pricing. Starting today, Firm Manager is offering two subscription prices: The Starter plan, at $29 per user per month, which includes case management, calendar syncing with Google Calendar and Microsoft […]

The month of May saw the debut of two legal technology blogs, one covering legal apps and another for Mac-using lawyers. Apps in Law. This new blog highlights the best iOS apps for lawyers in what it describes as “mercifully short, finely-detailed video reviews.” The man behind the reviews is Brett Burney, the legal technology […]

Rocket Matter today rolled out three enhancements to its cloud-based practice management platform: document folders, role-based access and printable calendars. The document folders function allows users to organize documents within the system using nested folders. Previously, Rocket Matter used only tags to organize documents. With folders, users can create their own hierarchical structure for organizing […]

A new legal technology company called Deftr is today launching a tool powered by artificial intelligence that helps professionals diagram intricate corporate structures. The tool reads text in real time, as it is being typed, then turns that text into a shareable, interactive graphic illustrating a corporate structure or transaction. In a press release being […]

How much do lawyers earn? The folks at have gone through the data and created this infographic showing earnings by practice areas. The data comes from the American Bar Association, as well as Glassdoor,, LawyerEdu, and the National Association for Law Placement. Topping the chart are IP attorneys, who earn an average of $155,037. The lowest-paid practice […]

When last we left the litigation between Fastcase and Casemaker, it was mid-May and Fastcase had just filed a motion for summary judgment. A lot has happened since then, including just this week, so let me bring you up to date. But first, to recap: Last February, Fastcase preemptively filed the declaratory judgment lawsuit in […]

A portion of a 1734 court record from Rhode Island’s new digital archive. There has been a flurry of recent activity related to court information on the web, with the launches of two resources for oral argument recordings, two historical archives of court documents, and two court websites, including one designed specifically for self-help litigants. […]

Here are the latest additions to my list of legal startups. Send additions to To read more about this list and why I created it, see this post. Case Pacer Legal case management software for law firms. US CASEpeer Innovative personal injury case management software designed to grow your business. US ContractWorks The easiest, […]

A Massachusetts case from 1884. An update today on the joint project of Harvard Law School and Ravel Law to digitize Harvard’s entire collection of U.S. case law, which they say is the most comprehensive and authoritative database of American cases anywhere outside the Library of Congress. Today Ravel posted the complete digitized court opinions […]

A slot in the cover holds the iPad at a comfortable viewing angle. It can also be used with an iPhone. The cover detaches for more space between the keyboard. This is the standard viewing angle. A lower viewing angle works well on your laptop. With the cover closed, the unit is compact. The keyboard […]