Oklahoma this week became the latest state to adopt the duty of technology competence for lawyers. According to my ongoing tally, that brings the number of states that have adopted the duty to 24. The Supreme Court of Oklahoma adopted the change on Monday, to be effective immediately, in an order amending several of the […]

I’m sitting here at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, on my way home from the fourth-annual Clio Cloud Conference, racking my brain for something critical to say about it. I’d been to all three of the prior Clio conferences, and, frankly, I’d gushed about them, calling the 2014 conference one of the best legal technology conferences I’d […]


Finding the right staff for your law firm is no easy task. Today, technology can provide innovative and entrepreneurial practice management solutions that will allow your firm to grow and flourish for years to come. Many firms are struggling to employ great people. Are any of these staffing issues facing your firm? Lack of quality […]

Lex Machina today unveiled two “comparator apps” designed to make it simpler to access specific types of analytics insights. One, the Courts & Judges Comparator, allows up to four federal judges and courts to be compared for caseloads, case timelines, and other analytics. The other, the Law Firms Comparator, allows the same sorts of comparisons […]

The Global Create feature on the iPad. The home page as it looks on the iPad. The home page on an iPad Pro. The tasks menu on an iPad. The Advanced Tasks feature on an iPhone. The Global Create feature on an iPhone. The app’s home page on an iPhone. The task view on an […]

Add user with bank-access restrictions Add user with report-access restrictions Unrestricted vs. restricted bank access. Unrestricted vs. restricted reports access. A new update to CosmoLex — the cloud-based law practice management platform — enables system administrators to more granularly control user access to a law firm’s financial information. CosmoLex already allowed administrators to set different […]

Two companies with technology for helping lawyers proofread, format and finalize documents today announced their merger. The companies, Microsystems and XRef, both have Microsoft Word proofreading add-ins designed for lawyers and say their merger will enable them to bring even better technologies to the market. Microsystems, which has offices in the U.S. and the UK, […]

If there is a corner of the legal world where technology has yet to reach, it is the bail bond system. The process of obtaining a bail bond remains very much a brick-and-mortar one. Bail bondsmen typically set up shop close to a courthouse or jail, where family or friends can come in and purchase […]

The listing that gave rise to the lawsuit. A federal court has dismissed a putative class action against Avvo under the Illinois Right of Publicity Act, ruling that Avvo’s lawyer listings are comparable to the editorial content in Sports Illustrated and deserving of the same First Amendment protection. This is the second time in six […]