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For the second successive year, the Fastcase legal research app is the most popular legal app among lawyers, according to the 2014 ABA Legal Technology Survey Report. The most popular business app among lawyers this year is LinkedIn, the survey said. Among lawyers who reported having downloaded a legal-specific app, 36.5% listed Fastcase. Last year, […]

This slideshow requires JavaScript. I recently reported here about the ABA Journal’s Hackcess to Justice, the first-ever hackathon held during an ABA annual meeting. First prize went to William Palin, a Massachusetts lawyer. Over the course of the two-day event, he created PaperHealth, an iOS app that provides a quick and easy way to create a legally binding health […]

One of the nice features of Android devices that iOS devices lack is the ability to swap keyboards. This lets you try out different keyboards with different input methods and find one that best suits your style. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of different keyboard apps for Android that can be downloaded from the […]

Lawyers are supposed to be experts at deciphering convoluted rules. But even lawyers can be confounded by the rules of golf. Thus, the golfers among you will be pleased to learn that two lawyers have translated the rules of golf into plain English and made them available through a mobile app, ready to consult whenever […]

A third-year student at The University of Michigan Law School has created an iPad app, BriefCase, that automates the creation of case briefs. The student, David Lutz, found it cumbersome to have to print out PDFs of cases, annotate them, and then type all the annotated information into a brief. The app lets you do […]

It’s been a bad couple of weeks for apps that let you share contact information. Recently, I wrote about problems with CardMunch, the LinkedIn app that uses actual humans to read and transcribe business cards you scan with your mobile device. Now, Google has announced that it is shutting down Bump, the app that lets […]

Starting tomorrow and continuing every Friday thereafter, the creators of the Rulebook app will offer for free one of the books from its library of state and federal rule books. The company is calling this its Free Rule Book Friday promotion. The company will announce which book it is offering each Friday morning via its […]

The popular blog that covers the Supreme Court, SCOTUSblog, released an iOS app yesterday. It provides mobile access to the same content that is available on the blog. It also provides push notifications of breaking news from the court. The blog’s announcement yesterday said that additional features and improvements will be rolled out regularly. (Click […]

Updates, 10/9/13, 3:53 p.m.: Some additions and clarifications to my original post from earlier today: Invites to the app can be requested from within the app once you download it. Once you are authorized to use the app, you can invite others from within the settings menu. Alternatively, you can invite others from the web […]

Talk about a living Constitution — here’s one the framers never saw coming. Today, the U.S. government is marking Constitution Day by launching an official annotated Constitution app that will provide legal analysis and interpretation directly on your iPhone or iPad. (Sorry Android folks, that one is still in development.) The app is a companion […]