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The lawyer-rating siteĀ is taking on a whole new profession with its launch today of doctor ratings. As of today, Avvo is adding an entirely new section of its site that contains profiles and ratings of medical doctors from all 50 states. As it does with lawyers, Avvo is rating doctors on a scale of […]

Lawyer rating and directory site Avvo has received $10 million in a new round of financing, led by Silicon Valley venture capital firm DAG Ventures. Current Avvo investors, Benchmark Capital and Ignition Partners, also invested in this round. The funds will enable Avvo to further expand and enhance its products and services for consumers and […]

Lawyer-rating site Avvo will introduce a premium version next week that will enhance lawyers ability to customize their profiles, enhance their visibility in other Avvo sections, and provide them with more detailed analytics. Called Avvo Pro, it will be available starting Nov. 6 for a monthly subscription of $49.95. (An initial promotion will offer the […]

Lawyer-rating site Avvo expands this week to Massachusetts and Florida, bringing its coverage to 60 percent of licensed U.S. attorneys and spanning 11 states and the District of Columbia. Launched in June 2007, Avvo’s goal is to serve as a consumer resource by rating and profiling every U.S. lawyer. Initially, I was somewhat skeptical of […]

A federal judge in Seattle yesterday dismissed the class-action complaint filed by two lawyers against lawyer-rating site Avvo. U.S. District Judge Robert S. Lasnik ruled that the opinions expressed through Avvo’s ratings system are absolutely protected by the First Amendment. Here is the money quote from the opinion: “Rather than seeing the Avvo ratings for […]

The lawyer rating site Avvo today announced two new features: “Avvo Answers,” a Q&A; forum in which lawyers can answer questions posted by consumers, and “Track Record,” a free option by which lawyers can post and showcase their cases and deals. I have more details in a post today at Legal Blog Watch.

With all the attention paid to last month’s launch of the lawyer-ranking site Avvo, it was only a matter of time before copycat sites began to appear. One such site, About My Lawyer, launched Friday, and it is so amateurishly executed that I cannot tell whether it is legitimate or a joke. The announcement of […]

In today’s edition of the legal-affairs podcast Lawyer2Lawyer, we interview the founders of the controversial lawyer rating site Avvo, President and CEO Mark Britton and VP of Products & Marketing Paul Bloom. The two discuss their reasons for founding the site, their responses to criticisms and their future plans. They also respond to points made […]

This week on the legal affairs podcast Lawyer2Lawyer, we speak with attorney John Henry Browne, a lead plaintiff in the lawsuit against the new lawyer rating service Avvo. Also joining us to discuss the legal and professional issues surrounding Avvo are bloggers Denise Howell and Carolyn Elefant. We invited Avvo CEO Mark Britton or any […]

As was announced yesterday, Seattle lawyer Steve W. Berman filed this lawsuit against controversial lawyer-rating site Avvo. Later, Avvo CEO Mark Britton issued a statement in response to the lawsuit. I have not been able to find it online, so here is what he said: “ is designed to give consumers information and guidance to […]

Score another glitch for the new lawyer rating site Avvo: According to the Avvo profile of lawyer and blogger J. Craig Williams — my colleague in hosting Lawyer2Lawyer — he is, shall we say, no longer with us. Click on the “Experience” tab in Craig’s profile, and it lists him as deceased. It also shows […]