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“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” So said Scott Mozarsky today of Bloomberg BNA’s Legal Division, shortly after it was learned that he would become the division’s president, replacing David Perla, who had been president since July 2014. In a telephone conversation with Mozarsky this afternoon, I asked him what his becoming president would […]

Last year, I wrote here that judge analytics is the new black. I was referring to the growing selection of tools that analyze case dockets and judicial opinions to provide insights into how judges rule on various types of matters and how long it takes them to do so. Products in this space include ALM’s […]

The table of contents for the new Bloomberg Law Bankruptcy Treatise. Think “bankruptcy treatise” and the first name that comes to mind is probably either Collier on Bankruptcy from LexisNexis or Norton Bankruptcy Law and Practice from Thomson Reuters. Now you can add to the list Bloomberg Law: Bankruptcy Treatise, launched today by Bloomberg BNA as […]

I have followed the birth and development of Bloomberg Law with great interest. After all, it requires a bit of chutzpah to launch a legal research platform with the goal of competing against Westlaw and LexisNexis on their own turf. It also requires a bit of cash. Bloomberg Law has both. When it officially launched […]

I feel a bit like long-time radio commentator Paul Harvey with this post. On Friday, I reported here that SCOTUSblog would unveil a new look and new features on Monday. Well, now we get the rest of the story. Along with the new look comes a new direction for the blog. As of yesterday, Bloomberg Law became […]

In two posts I wrote about Bloomberg Law — one earlier this month and one when it launched — I cited something that Bloomberg emphasizes as a key selling point, its flat-fee pricing of $450 per user per month. My question to you is: How does that compare to what you pay for Westlaw or LexisNexis? […]

Bloomberg Law today released what it describes as “the next evolution” of its legal research platform. Changes include a redesigned interface, enhanced search capabilities, new practice centers and enhanced collaboration and workflow features. One thing that is not changing is Bloomberg Law’s flat-fee, all-inclusive pricing — something the company believes is key to differentiating it […]

This should be interesting: Lou Andreozzi, the former president and CEO of LexisNexis North American Legal Markets, has been named chairman of Bloomberg Law, the company announced this morning. Also, Larry D. Thompson, the former VP of business development, strategy and marketing and global chief marketing officer for LexisNexis, has joined Bloomberg Law as COO. Bloomberg […]

Last February, published my review of Bloomberg Law, in which I wrote, “Bloomberg’s biggest challenge may lie in convincing the legal market that it needs another high-end research service.” That is essentially the same conclusion reached by Wall Street Journal reporter Russell Adams, who writes about the service today in a piece titled, Bloomberg Hangs […]

[The following column originally appeared in print in January 2010. I am republishing it as part of my continuing effort to maintain an archive of my published columns. Important note: I have not updated this since its original publication. While most of the sites remain as described, some may have changed. All information was current […] now has my extended review of Bloomberg Law, the new legal research service that aims to muscle in on the turf now occupied by Westlaw and LexisNexis. (Also see my post earlier this week about the Bloomberg Law biometric doohickey.) (Note: The version is now behind a paywall. You can find another version […]