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Justia today launched a service providing free, daily summaries of federal and state court opinions. The service,, covers all federal circuit courts of appeal and select state supreme courts. Additional state courts will be added in the coming weeks. The daily summaries provide brief descriptions of each decision and are tagged by area of […]

The next revolution in legal publishing is just around the corner. Starting in 2011, Public.Resource.Org, an organization devoted to putting government documents in the public domain, will begin a weekly release of HTML versions of all slip and final opinions of the appellate and supreme courts of all 50 states and the federal government. The […]

The U.S. legal portal Justia has launched a legal portal for Mexico, Justia Mexico. As Justia does for the U.S., Justia Mexico does for that country, providing legal information and resources for lawyers and consumers, all without cost. The Justia Mexico site provides access to Mexican federal and state constitutions, laws, codes and regulations. Notably, while […]

Two years ago in a post here, I bemoaned the shuttering of The Virtual Chase, a website devoted to enhancing the research skills of legal professionals. Founded in 1995 by Genie Tyburski, a law librarian at Ballard Spahr Andrews & Ingersoll in Philadelphia, the site was a top destination for legal researchers, until Genie announced she would no […]

Many, many moons ago, from 1995 to 1999, I published the first-ever newsletter to cover the Internet for lawyers, Every year, we doled out awards we called “Best of the Web for Lawyers.” The recipients of these awards were selected by panels of judges that included trailblazers in leading the legal profession online, including […]

I am thrilled to announce that LawSites is moving. The new address for the blog is and the new RSS feed is I hope you will check out the new site. I am particularly thrilled with the new design, which was done for me by the good folks at Justia. The blog will […]

To pull off a $20 billion ponzi scheme, you need a broad web of social and business connections. In the case of Bernard Madoff, the network of feeder funds and sub-feeder funds that funneled investors’ money his way was particularly complex. For a striking visual depiction of this complex network of funds, check out this […]

I am not sure when this happened, because I just noticed it, but I see that Justia has added a lawyer directory to its many features. It lists lawyers and law firms by their practice areas and jurisdictions and can be searched by name and location. It is labeled “pre-beta,” suggesting it is fairly new, […]

Way back in July and August 2005, I wrote a series of posts here about what I called the aging core of FindLaw. In the first post of the series, I started with this: “FindLaw’s core is showing its age. Started in 1994 as an index of legal resources on the Internet, FindLaw used that […]