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This slideshow requires JavaScript. Tomorrow, LexisNexis Legal & Professional will announce a new, enhanced version of Lexis for Microsoft Office, an application that provides direct access to Lexis research and citation tools and Web search tools from directly within Microsoft Word and Outlook. The most significant of several new features in this release is integration […]

I wrote here in October about the launch of Lexis Advance for Solos, the LexisNexis flat-rate legal research platform for one- and two-lawyer firms. This week, Lexis rolled out a new app that allows lawyers who subscribe to Advance to use it from their iPhones. The app lets you search by text or citation “instantly,” meaning […]

A busy schedule has kept me from reviewing Lexis Advance for Solos, the new LexisNexis legal research platform for one- and two-lawyer firms that LexisNexis released earlier this week. Today, I finally had a chance to sit down (in the virtual sense) with Lexis executives for a tour. There have already been several thoughtful reviews. […]

With all the lawyer-ranking sites already out there, I wasn’t surprised to see yet another one make its debut. But as I looked under the skin of this latest entrant, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Launched March 1, the new site is called A press release described it as “an independent […]

The former founder and CEO of a biotechnology company who was indicted and convicted of federal criminal charges has written a 640-page guidebook to help others who face federal criminal charges. The book, The Federal Criminal Defendant’s Guide, is billed as “a blueprint to guide you throughout the entire process from indictment to probable incarceration.” […]

At ABA Techshow last week, Rob LaGatta and Colin O’Keefe of LexConference recorded a series of video interviews with organizers, speakers and attendees. They did a great job and I encourage everyone to view the full series. I was one of the people they interviewed, as you can see below.

Thank you to everyone who pointed out that my Web site and blogs disappeared this morning. Something went wrong with my ISP. The best information I could obtain came from its Web site, which said, “We’re currently experiencing issues with customer websites being served correctly.” Thanks, but I knew that. This the second time in […]

Today is the last day of voting for the readers’ favorites among the ABA Journal Blawg 100. While my own blog’s tally in the vote has been paltry (I’m in the Lawyer’s Toolkit section, should you wish to soothe my embarrassment), some others have been rallying the vote with great success. Looks like the top […]