Oct 6, 2008

FindLaw Adds RSS Feeds for 23 Courts

FindLaw has added RSS feeds for case summaries from the Supreme Court, the federal circuit courts and state appellate courts in California, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, New York and Texas. It has also introduced practice-area feeds that provide case summaries for 16 practice areas, from bankruptcy to tax. The feeds provide summaries of the opinions and [...]

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Sep 29, 2008

U.S. Courts Finally Adds RSS Feeds

The official Web site of the U.S. court system has finally enabled RSS feeds for news and rulemaking. There are five feeds:

Find them all on this page.

[Hat tip to Abbie Mulvihill at AbsTracked.]

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Aug 2, 2007

Use RSS to Track Census Info

The blog Free Government Information points to this page of RSS feeds available from the U.S. Census Bureau. Keep track of Census Bureau general news and releases or follow developments relating to specific topics such as aging, business ownership, health care and insurance, income and wealth, or any of more than three-dozen feeds. Also here are the RSS feeds for the Census Bureau’s daily, 60-second podcast, Profile America.

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