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Jul 1, 2014

Want to Speak at ABA Techshow? Submit A Proposal By July 13

One of the best annual legal technology conferences is ABA Techshow, which this year will be April 16-18 in Chicago. If you want to throw your hat in the ring to speak there, now is the time. Until July 13, the Techshow planning board is accepting speaker and topic proposals. There is no guarantee that [...]

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Apr 8, 2013

A Recap of ABA TechShow in 46 Links

[Please, no more! Up to 43 44 46.]

[Last update? Three more, bringing the list to 42.]

[OK, one more link added, bringing us to 39.]

[And again. Now up to 38.]

[Updated with four more links from April 8, bring my original 31 links to 37. ]

[Updated with two new links from April 8.]

If you missed ABA Techshow last week, here’s an armchair recap,  courtesy of the bloggers and journalists who covered it.

Start here:

April 3

@kevinmckeown posted this pic to Twitter of LexBlog’s Kevin O’Keefe and ABA Journal head Allen Pusey at Friday night’s Beer for Bloggers.

April 4

April 5

April 6

April 7

April 8

April 9

April 11

April 12

April 15

(If I missed your post, send me the link.)

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Mar 27, 2012

MyCase Announces Launch of its own API and ‘App Bar’

Just yesterday, I posted here about announcements by two of the leading cloud-based practice management platforms, Clio and Rocket Matter, that they had launched application programming interfaces (APIs) that will allow third-party application developers to integrate directly with their platforms. I noted the coincidence of the two companies’ announcements coming within days of each other, after having just recently both announced the addition of document assembly to their platforms, also within days of each other. I jokingly suggested the possibility of high-tech corporate espionage.

Well, the plot just thickened. Today, another cloud-based practice management platform, MyCase, announced the launch of its API allowing third-parties to develop applications for its platform. In addition, MyCase announced the launch of the MyCase App Bar, a feature that it says will “provide one-stop access to important firm data as well as popular third party apps.”

Unlike Clio and Rocket Matter, whose announcements both named third-party apps ready to integrate with their platforms, MyCase’s announcement did not name any. It did say this:

While the initial app focus is on core workflows and tasks such as seamless synchronization (between MyCase, Outlook and Google) and integration (of emails into specific MyCase case/client folders), social media management apps such as twitter and popular legal productivity apps will follow. The MyCase App Bar and marketplace, which over time will include a wide variety of legal services and applications, is focused in the short-term on third parties that are already popular among existing firms and that help enhance clients’ ability to manage their practices and better serve clients.

MyCase will be exhibiting at ABA Techshow this week, so if you’re attending, you can find out more there.

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Mar 26, 2012

Clio and Rocket Matter Both Launch APIs and Integration with Third-Party Apps

I’m starting to wonder whether Clio and Rocket Matter are engaged in high-tech corporate espionage. In January, within days of each other, both companies added document assembly to their cloud-based practice management applications. (See my earlier posts here and here.) Now, again within days of each other, both companies announced that they have launched an application programming interface (API) that will allow third-party application developers to integrate directly with their platforms.

Clio’s announcement will be released tomorrow morning, just a day before the start of ABA Techshow in Chicago. It calls its API the Clio Platform and it will allow third-party developers to securely access data and actions within Clio. It uses OAuth 2.0 for secure authentication, which allows secure access between applications without having to share credentials.

Rocket Matter’s announcement was made Friday and it calls its API RMAPI. It uses JavaScript Object Notation, or JSON, for data exchange and Microsoft’s ASP.NET forms-based authentication.

Both companies also announced initial third-party applications that will integrate with their platforms. Clio said that both Zencash, a receivables management application, and DirectLaw, a virtual lawyering platform, will be integrated immediately. Chrometa, a time-tracking application, will be integrated in April. “We’ll have lots of other exciting partners launching tools built on top of the Clio platform,” Jack Newton, Clio’s founder and CEO, said in an email.

Rocket Matter is launching is API with Chrometa already integrated, its announcement said. Chrometa and Rocket Matter will be demonstrating the integration at Techshow this week.

“Rocket Matter is no longer just a product: it’s a platform for other software companies to create amazing products for lawyers,” said Larry Port, CEO of Rocket Matter. “We wanted our first API integration to be with an incredibly useful, amazing product and forward-thinking company, and found this partner in Chrometa.”

Meanwhile, Jack Newton said his company is excited about the launch of its API. “We’re tremendously excited to announce the Clio Platform, and are thrilled to see the integrations and extensions developers are building using the Clio API. Clio’s users will benefit through a broad range of integrations and add-ons being built for Clio by a broad range of partners.”

If you are attending Techshow, both companies are exhibiting there, so check out their new APIs.

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Mar 21, 2012

Going to Techshow? There’s an App for That

If you are attending ABA Techshow in Chicago next week, be sure to download the Techshow app for your mobile phone. It is available for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.

The app includes a number of features. Among them:

  • The Techshow schedule. View the full schedule or see events by day, topic or speaker. It even includes a “Happening Now” feature for those of us who never plan ahead.
  • A Techshow scheduler. As you review the schedule and find programs you want to attend, bookmark them and they are added to your personal schedule.
  • The list of exhibitors, with their booth numbers and contact information.
  • The all-important guide to Techshow social events.
  • The #abatechshow Twitter feed and the ability to Tweet directly from the app (with the hashtag automatically entered!).

If you preregistered to attend Techshow, you will have received a code to enter in the app. The code gives you full access to the app’s features. Without it, some features are limited.

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Dec 29, 2011

Will 2012 be the Year Lawyers Learn to Love the 7-Inch Tablet?

I have a post on this at the ABA Techshow blog: 2012: The Year of the 7 Inch Tablet?

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Feb 17, 2009

Why You Should Go To ABA TechShow

In a post here six years ago entitled The two tech trade shows to attend, I wrote:

Having attended way too many legal-technology trade shows over the course of my career, I can state with certainty that there are only two each year you really should attend if you care about keeping current with the field — LegalTech New York in January and ABA TechShow in April. Sure, there are probably hundreds of technology trade shows put on by local, state and national bars and private companies. But companies that know anything about the legal market save their most important announcements of new product launches and major upgrades for these shows.

My opinion has not changed. With this year’s LegalTech now history, it is time to gear up for ABA TechShow 2009. It takes place April 2-4 at the Hilton Chicago.

You may notice a number of legal bloggers talking about TechShow today and tomorrow. The show’s organizers are encouraging bloggers to spread the word about TechShow in a two-day “Blawger Blitz.” They even sent out a list of talking points.

But no blitzes or bullet points are needed to get me to urge you attend. I’ve blogged about TechShow dozens of times over the years. I attend as often as I’m able, I’ve had the honor to speak there several times, and I’ve even podcast live from TechShow. It is generally a very different show than LegalTech. The most notable difference is that it skews more towards lawyers in solo and small firms than does LegalTech. In fact, the second day of the show, Friday, is Solo and Small Firm Day, with a special one-day admission price and two special tracks of programming.

The TechShow Web site has everything you need to know about speakers, programs and registration. Updates and related information are posted at the TechShow Blog. Hope to see you in Chicago in April.

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Feb 5, 2009

Audio and Video from LegalTech NY

Even if you were not able to attend the just-concluded LegalTech 2009 show in New York, you can sample the sights and sounds thanks to various sources:

  • Our Lawyer2Lawyer podcast this week features LegalTech NY 2009 Ten Tech Stars. These are interviews I conducted live at LegalTech with several of the vendors and participants who attended. The audio is drawn from video interviews we shot. Sometime next week, the Legal Talk Network will post the full video versions of those interviews.
  • A LexisNexis photographer posted nearly 250 photos from LegalTech on Flickr (including a couple of me, such as this one.)

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Dec 1, 2008

Two Awards from ABA Blawg 100

Two projects of mine, a blog and a podcast, are included on the ABA Journal’s second annual listing of The Blawg 100, the editors’ picks of the best legal blogs. Legal Blog Watch, the Law.com-sponsored blog I cowrite with Carolyn Elefant, won recognition in the News category, and Lawyer2Lawyer, the podcast I cohost with J. Craig Williams, won a place in the Podcast category.

Still to come are the readers’ choice awards. The winner in each category wins admission to the ABA’s annual Techshow. Head on over and cast your ballot before voting ends Jan. 2.

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Nov 11, 2008

Nominations Open for eLawyering Award

I pass along this noteworthy notice:

The James I. Keane Memorial Award for Excellence in eLawyering is awarded once a year by the Law Practice Management Section of the American Bar Association at the Annual ABA Techshow in Chicago. The award is named for James I. Keane, the founding chair of the ABA eLawyering Task Force. The Task Force was created in 2000, when ABA President William G. Paul, of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, took the unusual and creative step of asking a section to assume responsibility for one of his presidential initiatives, namely an examination of ways that lawyers could use the Internet and other electronic resources to deliver legal services to people of moderate means more efficiently and effectively. Last year’s recipient was the law firm of Cowell Taradash, P.C., based in Chicago, for the web site at Illinoisdivorce.com. The ABA eLawyering Task Force of the Law Practice Management Section will review the nominations and select the recipient. The award guidelines and nomination forms can be found here. Law firms can nominate themselves. The deadline for submission is Jan. 15, 2009.

If you know of anyone who might be interested in applying for this award, please encourage them to apply. And feel free to repost.

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