Another report of errant transmissions from wireless keyboards raises the question of whether lawyers dealing with confidential information should ever use them. Gleason Sackmann’s Net-Happenings mailing list relays a report from Norway’s Aftenposten that a rampant cordless keyboard has struck again. According to the report, Hewlett-Packard Norway will no longer guarantee the security of their cordless keyboards after several incidents in which keyboards beamed their information to other people’s computers. In the latest incident, an Oslo man discovered the letter he was typing had shown up on his neighbor’s computer. Last autumn, the report says, two Stavanger men realized they were connected when a neighbor recognized a letter mysteriously appearing on his machine to be emanating from his boss a few doors away. “If you want to be completely sure that no one can see what you are writing,” an HP spokesman said, “then you should use a keyboard with a cord.”