Jonas Luster over at J/files posted this enormously helpful item explaining how to make RSS autodiscovery work on a blog or Web page. With autodiscovery, news aggregators such as Newz Crawler and discovery tools such as discover/it can automatically detect whether a blog has an RSS feed and, in the case of Newz Crawler, add it to your subscriptions.

But in attempting to set up autodiscovery on LawSites, I discovered what appears to be a bug in News Crawler (at least according to Jonas). The name of my RSS file is For some reason, Newz Crawler refuses to detect this, even though discover/it has no problem. But, if I change the name to simply, Newz Crawler picks it right up.

The moral: If you want your RSS feed to be detected by Newz Crawler, do not give the file a name any fancier than “rss.xml.”