The National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws is single minded in its purpose – to study and review state law to determine which areas of law should be uniform, and then, having targeted a topic, to draft and propose specific statutes. The conference can only propose, of course – no uniform law is effective until a state legislature adopts it. But it can nonetheless be controversial, as was proven in 1999 with the debate over its proposed Uniform Commercial Code Article 2b. This site is the repository of all this law-making, containing all in-process drafts and final acts. Search them by act title, state or committee. They can be read online or downloaded in a choice of word-processing or plain-text formats. Drafts of uniform and model acts can also be seen at this NCCUSL site, co-sponsored by the University of Pennsylvania. In-process laws are indexed by title and include all draft versions, from the first to the most recent.