On Feb. 27, I reported the impending launch of a new Web-based service that will search trial transcripts the way other research sites search court opinions. Yesterday, that service, called SocraticLaw, formally launched. Here is an excerpt from the press release:

“Wilmington, DE – 13 March 2003 – A new research-on-demand service that is a searchable data base of oral argument to the court for corporate litigators and corporate counsel will save clients money, speed argument preparation, and improve the litigator’s effectiveness, attendees at the 15th Tulane Corporate Law Institute Symposium learned.

“’SocraticLaw is for the trial attorney and corporate counsel what game film is to the quarterback,’” said W. Wade W. Scott, Esq., an early-retired Delaware corporate litigator who is CEO and principal of SocraticLaw.

“’Within just a few days, and in some instances a few hours, SocraticLaw can put at the litigator’s computer desktop a searchable file of oral argument transcripts relevant to the Court, the Judge, the opposing counsel, the issue-at-hand, and relevant motions,’ added Mr. Scott.

“’That way, counsel can study how the bench has handled such arguments in the past, and how opposing counsel has argued – whether successfully or unsuccessfully – such issues in the past.’”

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