Whether or not you are a solo lawyer, take the time to read the April/May 2003 GPSOLO magazine. It features nine articles that collectively offer a creative look at the risks of practicing law. It avoids the predictable “traps for the unwary” in favor of articles that examine such subjects as the risks of pro bono, the dangers of settlements, and even the risk of being funny. Articles include:

  • No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: Rewards and Risks of Pro Bono, by Ann Massie Nelson.
  • Insurance Options for the Solo, by Mitchell A. Orpett and Katja Kunzke.
  • Top Trends in Malpractice, by Mary Kathleen Hartley.
  • Danger: Business Arrangements Ahead, by Darrell G. Stewart.
  • Should Disclosure of Malpractice Insurance Be Mandatory?, a point/counterpoint by James E. Towery and Edward C. Mendrzycki.
  • Settlement: Safe or Sorry?, by Andrew C. Simpson.
  • Can Business as Usual Lead You to Extinction?, by Charles F. Robinson.
  • Inspect, Detect, Protect: Managing Environmental Risks, by Howard Kenison.
  • The Risks of Being Funny, by Andrew J. McClurg.