Starting Sept. 22, the Network-Lawyers discussion list will do something it has never done before — host two, week-long online seminars. The two seminars will look at companion Web-based collaboration tools, QuickTopic during the week of Sept. 22 to 26, and QuickDocumentReview during the week of Oct. 6 to 10. Steve Yost, creator and provider of both tools, will participate in the panels, along with several experts (if you count me as an expert) in e-mail and Web-based collaboration and community-building for legal professionals.

The seminar discussion is free and open to all legal professionals. Anyone not already a member of the Network-Lawyers list may register at the Network-Lawyers site. You can elect to participate by e-mail or via the Web. The seminar schedule, a roster of panelists, and sign-up information are available here.