David J. Gorberg sent me a pointer to MyLemon.com, the Web site of his law firm, Gorberg, Gorberg & Zuber, which represents consumers of defective cars in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. The site contains informative FAQs on Pennsylvania and New Jersey lemon laws and a small collection of links to other lemon-law resources.

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    Be aware that 1/2 your settlement goes to Gorberg and you will lose 1/2 of what’s left in State taxes.And if you keep the vehicle and it continues to have problems once you settle you are out of luck.

  • Anonymous

    Fantastic website and firm. Mr. Gorberg was able to get me a new car and his fees were paid by the manufacturer. I highly recommend his firm for all lemon law cases.

  • The New Jersey lemon law ensures purchasers from auto defects. The law gives remuneration to purchasers who purchased a vehicle with deformities. The term lemon was used only for new and used cars bought and then later revealed to cause some flaws in them.