One of the most thoughtful and provocative lawyer-written blogs is TalkLeft: The Politics of Crime, and TalkLeft blogger — and criminal defense lawyer — Jeralyn E. Merritt is among the roster of convention bloggers. I’m glad the bloggers are there to provide their unique perspectives on the convention. But as I read their reports, I am all the more aware of the extent to which these events are orchestrated to play best to the TV. Jeralyn’s report, “Clinton ends with, Send Me. The crowd chants and cheers in response,” reveals nothing of the emotion only a camera can convey. The DNC bloggers should avoid efforts at real-time reporting and spend their time digging behind the scenes, showing us what the cameras will not.

More revealing than bloggers at the DNC would be a cadre of guerilla videographers, taking their cameras behind the scenes, away from the scripted events and  celebrity politicians, and streaming what they find over the Internet.