I received this press release today about MyBarPrep.com, a $149 course that promises to prepare future lawyers for the multistate bar exam:

“Norwood, MA – July 19, 2004 –Tens of thousands of students over the past decade have experienced disappointment due to the impersonal nature of conventional bar review courses. After three years of law school, students routinely pay over $2,000.00 to attend a videotaped lecture to prepare for the most important exam of their lives.

“MyBarPrep.com is a program that provides quality bar exam tools online for less than 1/10 of the price of conventional bar review courses.  How?  MyBarPrep.com provides hundreds of pages of notes, practice questions, and legal summaries completely online to aspiring attorneys for $149.00.  Why?  To support MyBarPrep.com’s word-of-mouth campaign that continues to grow daily.”

The site offers little information about the company, which appears to have been operating online since 2001.