One of the longest-standing and most comprehensive legal portals, Hieros Gamos boasts more than 2 million links. International in scope, it is organized under a detailed index of topics and sources. The front page opens with six “centers”: Law Business, Law Events & Library, Law Practice, Law Student, Legal Employment and Law Consumer. Each center contains categories of related resources, allowing you to drill down through increasingly specific subpages.

Besides the centers, HG also has general categories for U.S. law, international law, legal associations, bar associations and lifestyle. It provides quick links to directories of lawyers and law firms, experts and consultants, and court reporters. Topics suffer, if at all, from too much information, with long lists of links to international sites, country sites, state sites, commentary, cases and statutes, publications, CLE courses, and more. It even, somewhat superfluously, includes bibliographic references to non-Internet resources and publications. Hieros Gamos has long been a top destination for anyone seeking legal information on the Web.

(Excerpted from the second edition of The Essential Guide to the Best (and Worst) Legal Sites on the Web.)