Following a trackback to a recent post of mine, I discovered a blog I had not known about before, but wish I had — True Believer. Subtitled, “A Santa Barbara lawyer dares to explore the madd, madd world of DUI,” it is written by Lee A. McCoy, a lawyer who defends people accused — often wrongfully, he believes — of DUI. He explains it better than I ever could:

“Over the years I have learned a few things about how our society treats the DUI offense — in the courts, in the media and in the political process. I think the American public would be amazed if they knew what I know from first-hand observation; I am confident they would be ashamed of what we have done to our fellow citizens.

“I have created this blawg to share some of these things that I have learned. … My goal is to convince you before you become one of the wrongfully accused — one of the injured. I hope to educate and to inform; to instill outrage in those who have not yet been injured; to shape public opinion, and in so doing to change the world. For the better; definitely for the better.”

If his postings make you thirsty for more, read his manifesto, check out his DUI encyclopedia, and visit his Santa Barbara DUI Center.