Of course, half of four is only two. But yesterday, Denise Howell, the Newport Beach, Calif., lawyer who blogs at the site Bag and Baggage, debuted her first podcast. By my count, that brings the number of lawyers who podcast to four — two of them from Newport Beach. The other three: J. Craig Williams (also from Newport Beach), Ernest Miller and Bret A. Fausett, a technology lawyer who podcasts programs of his favorite music through the site Internet Pro Radio.

Denise is credited with having coined the term “blawgosphere” for the community of legal bloggers. More recently, she (and her husband) came up with “plawdosphere” for the community of legal professionals with podcasts. In her debut podcast, she talked about finding the perfect cell phone and using it to record a podcast. She also reviewed the week’s highlights from other blogs and worked in a reference to Thomas the Tank Engine.