It must have been waking to this view of my driveway that led me in search of a better snow shovel.

With that my goal, I managed to end up at Delphion’s Gallery of Obscure Patents, where I found the potentially useful method and apparatus for directing a stream of pressurized fluid at a location forward of a wheel to improve the traction of the same and the absolutely irrelevant sun shield for automobiles, but no shovel.

Not to be defeated, I began looking for other sites with obscure patents. I found myself at the IPWatchdog Museum of Obscure Patents. As a parent, I was happy to find here the protective mouth shield. But nothing here would simplify my shoveling.

Next came Patently Silly, where I came upon this handy system for sensing whether an object struck in a collision is a pedestrian. But not even the archives had a shovel.

I tried Wacky Patent of the Month, but all it had was an absolutely useless life raft.

My last hope was Weird and Wonderful Patents, where I fleetingly wondered whether there might be some use to this combined plow and gun.

Are there other repositories of obscure or wacky patents where I should look? Please let me know, before I have to shovel.