Not sure when it was launched, but I have just discovered Blawg Republic, a self-described legal news and commentary search engine. It is interesting for the two vantage points it provides on the latest news and commentary from the legal blogging community. The first, Top Blawg Posts, lists the 20 most popular items posted by legal bloggers, with hourly updates. The second, Top Links, lists the 20 most linked-to items among bloggers. Plus it includes a search interface for searching legal news and blog items.

  • A lot of us had positive things to say about Blawg Republic when it Denise Howell first pointed us to it on Sept. 30th. However, Blawg Republic stopped being useful after only a couple weeks in existence, when it switched from listing the latest posts from the most popular law weblogs to having its very limited Top Blawg Posts. Now, you can get on their top-20 list by merely linking to one of your own past posts (a trick used by many weblawggers, who garner much of the page at a time). The Top 20 list neither tells you who did the linking (so you can’t readily check whether the pointer was pro or con) nor when the listed post originated. Now, there’s really no reason to check this page very often.

  • Blawg Republic drives me batty, because–as prof yabut reports–whenever I link in a post to one of my own previous posts (which I did long before Blawg Republic came along, and which I do for reasons that have nothing to do with Blawg Republic), it treats my own internal link as one by another blawger. Thus I must suffer the embarrassment of often having five of my own posts on that page, only because I link to them myself.

    It seems like the fix would be simple, but so far, no fix.

  • Thank you for mentioning the Blawg Republic. We launched in late September 2004, and are currently tracking over 200 feeds. We have over 40,000 posts to search from, and RSS feeds are available for any search.

    Thank you for the feedback in this comments section. We are looking into the past post link problem described by prof yabut and evan ( as soon as we resolve it.

    Merrick Lozano
    Co-Founder – Blawg Republic