Lawyers who have followed Matt Homann’s posts about LegalMatch will be interested to review the Attorney Match service launched yesterday by LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell as part of its consumer-oriented Web site.

A consumer looking for a lawyer enters the zip code and area of practice in which he or she is searching, and then fills out a brief form describing the legal issue. The system then provides the consumer a list of the 10 closest participating attorneys who match the request, and the consumer selects the ones to receive the inquiry. The selected attorneys receive an e-mail with the details and elect whether to respond.

The announcement of the new service said that attorneys can subscribe to participate in Attorney Match for $450 a year, which allows listings in three areas of practice.

LegalMatch operates in much the same way, allowing consumers to fill out an online request and then matching the request by location and subject matter with lawyers who have paid to participate.

  • Anonymous

    I have found LexisNexis service I subscribe to ( to be in effect bogus. They sold the idea that gets something like millions of hits per months or weeks or whatever, leaving you to conclude on your own that even a fraction of that would be good exposure. I have received exactly 12 hits from in the past 6 months. Large firms with huge advertising dollars have a clear advantage in this–leaving smaller firms like mine in the dust.

    I get more than 10 times the hit from directories like and…

    LexisNexis is just not living up to its advertisement… at least for a small firm such as mine.

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