An update to my post earlier this week, Bloggers beware! Viruses via Blogspot, eWeek reports on the problem in this article, Spyware Snags Blogger Users, and interviews the lawyer, Alvin Borromeo, who reported the problem.

According to eWeek, a spokesperson for Google, which owns Blogger, said that the company was aware of the spyware issue but declined to say how it would respond. “We are aware of this issue, and we are looking into it,” the spokesperson told eWeek.

  • me

    Thanks for the post. It’s been an interesting week watching what’s said on this issue. My main goal was to let people know of the problem. With our blog being only 2 months old you would expect that our traffic and warning would be a bit delayed. When the Obiter Dicta site reported a similar problem, I knew it just wasn’t me. Thus, I e-mailed Declan McCullagh, who has a widely read e-mail list at

    As soon as he e-mailed the notice Tuesday morning at 1:30 AM EST, our servers began getting a boatload of hits. I was working at the time!

    Anyways, that was the precice moment when this issue became as well known as it is now.

    It’s an interesting case study on the use of blogs AND well read info brokers to get a message out, don’t you think?

    By the way, we did switch to Firefox : )