Casting call: The next great defense attorney

Are you a young lawyer or 3L who aspires to be the nation’s next great defense attorney? If so, Stick Figure Productions wants you for a reality show it is developing for Court TV.

First case: Defending Stick Figure in a bias suit for discriminating against older lawyers.

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  • Anonymous

    That’s nonsense. There is a bona fide non-discrimiatory purpose for looking for a “young attorney.” It fits the shows premise and purpose. Good luck with you frivilous lawsuit.

  • I was being facetious.

    And it is “frivolous.”

  • Anonymous

    Come on, must you really correct my spelling? It’s a blog, not a law review article. Although you were being “facetious,” others though you were being “serious.” So I wanted to make it clear that such a lawsuit would be dismissed.

  • Anonymous

    Do you think a show like this would be good for someone’s career?

  • Anonymous

    Will someone please answer my question? Will a show like this help someone’s career?
    Also, does anyone know if they’ve picked someone yet?

  • Anonymous

    I take it, you are not going to answer my question?

  • Anonymous

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