That most ethical of esq.’s, David Giacalone, provides a pointer to Lexington, Ky., attorney Ben Cowgill’s newly hatched Legal Ethics Blog. Onetime Kentucky bar counsel, Cowgill now concentrates his practice in legal ethics, legal malpractice and the law governing lawyers.

He describes the project as a Web site and portal, as well as a blog. He explains:

“It contains a substantial quantity of reference material and many starting points to online research. I will be adding more content of that nature along the way, so you may want to return to the site from time to time even if you receive the blog posts by RSS or email. I will be sure to mention major additions to the static content in blog posts, as they occur.”

Notably, the site includes the full text of all 423 ethics opinions and all 62 unauthorized practice opinions issued by the Kentucky Bar Association since 1962. This is the same collection that Cowgill previously published through a site called the Kentucky Legal Ethics Library.