The Center for Information Technology and Dispute Resolution at the University of Massachusetts will present its seventh annual online dispute resolution Cyberweek April 4 to 8. This is an entirely Web-based conference with no fee for participation and registration. I have participated in this conference in prior years and can recommend it as worthwhile for anyone interested in ODR.

Events on tap for Cyberweek include:

  • Release of new ODR library and database
  • Discussions with leading practitioners and theorists about the present and future of ODR
  • Report on the UN Forum on ODR 2004
  • The 2005 International Competition on Online Dispute Resolution
  • Seminar on the challenges in planning and implementing ODR efforts
  • Panel discussion on teaching ODR
  • Seminar on public sector ODR
  • Demonstration of teaching and collaborating in groups with Moodle
  • Simulated dispute resolution processes
  • Demonstrations involving,, and others

To participate, fill out and submit this registration form.