Two professors and a lecturer in legal ethics have started a blog for discussion of legal ethics and the legal profession, Legal Ethics Forum. The three who contribute to the blog are:

  • I have asked lawyers and I have looked all over the internet in an attempt to determine if a past attorney’s actions on my behalf were unethical and possibly illegal. I cannot get any kind of answer from any attorney, although they have told me off the record that my attorney is guilty of “gross malpractice” and/ ineffective counsel. I have been told that I can file a grievance, but my current attorney told me that if I did I put myself in severe jeopardy of retaliation by the prosecutor, who is my first lawyer’s best friend. In short I do not know what to do as it seems like this lawyer fraternity is a wall of security for even dishonest attorneys. My case is further complicated by the fact that there has been evidence tampering (missing affidavits) that the police seemingly say did not exist in the first place. The proscutor’s ethical conduct is also in question here. If you can share any advice with me I will forever be in your debt.