Say you represent the plaintiff in a motor vehicle negligence case and you need to pin down weather conditions at the time of the accident. Where would you turn? Here are three resources on the Web:

  • The National Climatic Data Center of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration describes itself as the world’s largest archive of climate data. The site serves as umbrella to an array of weather-research products. Much of the data is available only by purchase, but the site includes a number of free data sources and reports as well.
  • From this National Weather Service page, select the location nearest you. Then scroll down the left-hand column to “Climate-Historical” for various reports of historical climate data for that location.
  • Compu-Weather is a meteorological forensics firm that provides past-weather analysis for the legal and insurance industries. Its Web site does not allow you to research weather data directly, but through the site you can submit a research request.