Kevin O’Keefe picks up on the story of Jim Guy, a Virginia lawyer who started a blog, 102704, the day after he learned he had esophageal cancer. As Stacy Hawkins Adams writes in last Saturday’s Richmond Times-Dispatch, Jim named the blog for the date of his diagnosis — Oct. 27, 2004 — and maintains it as a means of confronting his cancer.

As Jim wrote in his first post, titled Everything is Different Now:

“Next week, I’ll turn 40.

“I am a successful partner in a great law firm. I have a wonderful wife and three amazing kids. I’m in a band with a steady weekly gig, and a loyal, local following – we just released our first CD. I live in a very cool 95 year old house in a great historic neighborhood. I belong to a wonderful church in the neighborhood. I get along great with my family. I get along great with my wife’s family. My life is as good as it gets.

“Except for one thing –

“Yesterday, I learned I have esophogeal cancer.”

Jim returned to work June 1. Read some of his blog entries, and you’ll agree with Kevin O’Keefe: “Jim is a shining example of the best in our legal profession.”