One other piece of news from my phone call with Scott Kinney, CEO of FindLaw: By the end of July, FindLaw will launch a directory of law-related blogs. It will be “an initial version,” with FindLaw continuing to add blogs “as rapidly as we can.”

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    A comment to your July 13 discussion of FindLaw mentioned “Justia” as an alternative free site for law firm web pages. Justia’s web site states that it will not accept listings from Minnesota attorneys or firms with offices there. I’m curious about that, but Justia has not responded to my inquiry. Do you know why they bar listings from Minnesota lawyers?

  • In addition to the directory, I think you’ll see FindLaw come out with a blog portal as well as a few other offerings relating to blogs. FindLaw called me a few months ago to pick my brain on the pretense they wanted to see about working together on blogs. Said they would get back to me in response to questions I had but never did until I called them a month or so later and at that time just left phone message in return that said would not be working with LexBlog. Guess they just wanted the details on LexBlog’s turnkey solution to see what they needed to compete, something they could have picked up on our Web site.

    As FindLaw gets into providing blog products, as they probably will, their challenge will be that they do not have anyone at FindLaw who blogs nor does the company have an effective presence in the blogosphere. Thus the approach may be to turn sales people loose who don’t really know what they are selling and see how many of FindLaw’s law firm customers will buy a product from a company without the know-how and support to make it an effective Internet marketing product.

    It will be interesting to see if any high profile legal blogger sells their soul and jumps on board the FindLaw team. Innovative people tend not to do well in a bureaucracy like Thomson/West Publishing/FindLaw but money works in strange ways.

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    Does anyone know where the blog directory is?