FindLaw notified lawyers yesterday that it would no longer host free law-firm Web sites and will remove the free sites from its servers on Aug. 1.

The notice states:

“Because of technical and business constraints, we are no longer able to provide this service. We are writing to inform you that this site will be removed from our servers on August 1, 2005.”

In 1999, FindLaw began allowing lawyers to create free Web sites and host them on FindLaw’s servers. Although it will no longer offer free sites, it will continue to provide paid Web development and advertising services to lawyers.

  • Anonymous

    No big loss. There are certainly other providers of free law firm web sites, such as Justia.

  • Joe

    I sometimes use Findlaw’s annotated Constitution. The discussion is useful, but it too sometimes seems to require an update.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if this initiative is related to Findlaw’s new CEO. However, he isn’t listed as the CEO on Findlaw’s management team page because (as you’ve guessed) it’s out of date. 😉

  • Can you suggest anyone to host my website? I have the file I purchased at the end of my contract and no one that knows what to do with it? basically made it unfunctional. I originally purchased a website becuase I wanted the option to purchase the website–or at least wanted the option. After a year it was not profitable—It seems a purchased a worthless disk—anyone else have this problem? call me
    anytime 781-245-5900. This is so wrong.