Thanks to excited utterances, I learn that Alan J. Rothman has launched a blog, The Subway Fold. A non-practicing lawyer and MBA, Alan is a veteran expert in legal technology and the Internet. Until recently, he ran the Computer Law Lab for the New York County Lawyers Association. Earlier in his career, he was legal technology consultant to the NY firm Cahill Gordon & Reindel and he wrote the Desktop Lawyering column for the New York Law Journal.

Lawyers who spend way too much time online (such as myself), remember Alan as moderator of the Computer Trends Forum on Counsel Connect, the former American Lawyer Media Web site. More recently, he built and ran his own online forum, Tech-Topicshifts.

Alan’s blog is named for the maneuver that allows broadsheet-sized newspapers to be read on crowded NYC subways. His intent is “to analogously gather, post and comment upon smaller samplings of news, trends, resources and connections therein across a range of topics in technology, science, law, business and media.”