I was happy to see today that the Web site of the New Jersey law firm Riker Danzig received the Standard of Excellence Award from the Web Marketing Association. In my former role as vice president of Jaffe Associates and director of its WritersForLawyers, I was part of the creative team that helped redesign the site.

Of course, Riker Danzig was not the only award winner. the Web Marketing Association’s 2005 awards covered 85 categories. Within the legal category, 21 awards were handed out. The award for best legal Web site went to Frost Brown Todd. The complete list of award winners can be found here.

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    FindLaw Wins Four Awards for Outstanding Work

    The Web Marketing Association is the producer of the WebAward Competition. Now in its 9th year, the WebAwards is the premier annual award competition that judges website development against an ever increasing Internet standard and against peer sites within their industry.

    2005 FindLaw Outstanding Websites and the Development Team Members
    IARC, International Assisted Reproduction Center
    http://www.fertilityhelp.com – Outstanding Website
    Becky Tio – Project Manager
    Peter Otto – Senior Web Designer
    John Flynn – Flash Design
    Eric Larsen – Developer
    Akhil Saklani – SEM Consultant
    Paul Samuels – DNS Tech Specialist
    Jolie Anderson – Project Manager

    McConnell Valdés, Outstanding Website

    Betty Groth – Project Manager
    Andrea Getman – Senior Designer
    Akhil Saklani – SEM Consultant
    Christina Schneiderhan – DNS Tech Specialist

    Dempsey Williamson Young Kelly and Hertel Outstanding Websites

    Jennifer Veesenmeyer – Project Manager
    Alicia Swanson – Designer
    David Hruska – Design Associate
    Akhil Saklani – SEM Consultant
    Paul Samuels – DNS Tech Specialist

    Butler, Wooten, Fryhofer, Daughtery & Crawford, LLP Outstanding Websites
    Andrea Getman – Senior Designer
    John Flynn – Design Associate
    Akhil Saklani – SEM Consultant
    Steve Figge – Project Manager
    Brian Bernard – Development
    Paul Samuels – DNS Tech Specialist