A generous gesture from Kevin O’Keefe and company at LexBlog:

“In response to the natural disaster that has befallen the gulf coast region, LexBlog would like to help by making our services available for free to both those law firms impacted by the hurricane and the various groups and agencies lawyers are supporting through their volunteer efforts.

“We understand that right now may not be business as usual and in response Lexblog would like to help by providing a free blog that can be used by your office for external and/or internal communication. These sites can be open to the public or secured behind password protection. Our staff will train you in how to use this tool to help restore lines of communication.”

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  • Thanks for sharing the word Bob. You’re as respected as anyone on law and the net so it means a lot to have you telling folks of our offer. I just felt so gosh darn helpless, we had to do something, be it small compared to the sacrifices of others.