In Who Makes How Much – New York’s Salary Guide 2005, New York magazine offers a look at the salaries of hundreds of New Yorkers — and lawyers aren’t left out. We learn that Manhattan DA Robert Morgenthau earns $150,000, while a first-year Manhattan DA brings home just a third of that and a public defender even less. The chairman of Sullivan & Cromwell, H. Rodgin Cohen, gets $4 million, but that is mere pocket change for TV judge Judy Sheindlin, whose paycheck numbers a cool $30 million. Money is hardly the measure of a career, but it makes for rich reading.

  • Sounds like I’m not doing all that bad then. 🙂

    Warren Redlich
    Albany NY Attorney

  • Does Judge Judy need a clerk?

  • Anonymous

    Judge Judy demeans the bench. That’s a small “b” as well as a small “j”

  • ECS

    the only thing nice i can say about judge judy is that i tell peoploe (cleint types of people) who expect magic from tjher day in court– “she says what judges think, only she asays it out loud.”