Starting sometime tomorrow, FindLaw will have a new front page — or, more accurately, two front pages. Rather than a single page with sections for lawyers, consumers, small businesses, students and corporate counsel, as it has now, the new design will have dual front pages, one for consumers and one for legal professionals. A tab at the top of the page will toggle between the two views. You can see a preview of the new page here.

The new front pages are much less cluttered than the current page, each with information unique to the target audience. For legal professionals, the new page will have five sections: Search, Research the Law, Legal Market Center, Practice Tools and In the News. The page for consumers will have sections to search for a lawyer, browse legal information and find tips and tools. It also provides links to legal news and commentary within FindLaw.

  • rich

    I’m glad FindLaw is doing something about their “90’s look” but that new design is ugly, especially the consumer side. Although they have the right idea with regards to targeting their audience with separate home pages, the site still looks clunky, cluttered and drab.

  • Do you think they have improved their content or do they still have an “Aging Core?”

  • Anonymous

    Great question. I saw them prominently featuring their forms on their new home page, at least on the attorney side. When I clicked over, I saw the bright red warning (Last updated 01/01/02). I wish they had that throughout the rest of their site so that I can see which pages have been updated recently and which ones have not.

  • Anonymous

    I was expecting more – it is still not 2005 design and lacks the basic principles of usability and navigation.

    Findlaw’s attorney sites are better designed than the the portal.