Two days ago, the blog Blue Mass. Group published an interview with Katherine Pringle, a former Alito clerk and now a progressive New York Democrat who says she is please with Alito’s nomination. The blog quotes her describing Alito as “very thoughtful, very careful, very respectful of Supreme Court precedent. He has a strong conservative intellectual approach to things, but he is respectful, honest, and straightforward.” Today, the Los Angeles Times has more from Pringle, along with comments from another Democratic fomer clerk, Jeff Wasserstein, who told the paper, “Judge Alito was not interested in the ideology of his clerks. He didn’t decide cases based on ideology, and his record was not extremely conservative.”

  • Great post! In all the hubbub about judicial appointments, it seems like everyone reduces everything to liberal and conservative. I guess liberals don’t like federalism, but in truth, many conservatives don’t like it either when it bites their hand. Look at the medical marijuana decision, where Thomas and Rehnquist supported federalism over the “conservative” position. So much for Scalia being an originalist, as he dumped federalism for the policy.

    Albany Attorney Warren Redlich