West CEO named Thomson CTO

Michael Wilens, president and CEO of Thompson Legal & Regulatory’s North American group, which includes Thomson West, Elite and FindLaw, has been named vice president, corporate chief technology and operations officer for the entire Thomson Corporation, it was announced yesterday. Over more than a decade at West, Wilens earned respect among many in the legal community for his innovative ideas and even-handed leadership.

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  • Anonymous

    Good maybe he can get them a piece of software that can make their bills more deceiferable. It has got to be the WORST billing Department in law office managemnet world. Sorry for hijacking the thread and Congratulations to the New CTO and all but I just could not resist.

  • Cindy Perform

    Findlaw recently launched lead generation program called http://www.legalconnection.com. They have their top online marketing guy burning midnight oil on it.
    Nice designed landing page.

  • Cindy Perform

    I think the Findlaw guy is Akhil Saklani
    He did our web site too.

  • Anonymous

    Bad billing and billing practices from Thomson/West/Findlaw, yes.

    Great people carrying the load from within and in the trenches (sales), yes.

    Since they went public in, I think, 2002 or 2003, same care for the customer and performance of product, NO.

    Akhil Saklani leaving is good for whoever gets him…bad for Findlaw. As a law firm that got to know him, we watched him become mired into having to fix too many things with our site that we thought should have been done by someone in his team. Too many menial tasks that weren’t handled by the overall Findlaw folks ended up in his lap.