Our legal news podcast Coast to Coast this week looks at the gender gap in the legal profession. Joining us to discuss this issue are:

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    I am a woman who has been practicing law for almost 12 years. I currently practice with my mom in our own firm. Both my mom and I have practiced at law firms, large and medium size firms. My mom spent years actively involved in glass ceiling task forces. You are aware, I hope, that these “conversations” have been going on for twenty years and the conversations are exactly the same. Most law firms are extremely inefficient businesses made up of extremely competitive fiefdoms. Corporate clients are now demanding that woman not just represent them but be their client contacts because the corporate world has recognized that having a diverse work force is actually a benefit. As this continues, firms will be forced to not just hire associates and lose them by their seventh year, but act to retain them so they are positioned to take on the responsibility of managing the client relationships. Absent the continued pressure on firms by their large corporate clients to retain senior women attorneys, the large firms have no incentive to change and frankly won’t. And these conversations will continue.