This could give lawyers a bad name:

Email Worm Threatens Lawsuit Against Victims

“The latest version of the Bagle mass mailer worm attempts to threaten potential victims by posing as a lawsuit against the recipient.

“Bagle-DO worm spreads in emails featuring subject lines such as ‘Pay your debts before we come to you,’ ‘Call to your lawyer immidiately,’ ‘Lawsuit against you’ and ‘We wait your response.’ Users are prompted to open an infectious attachment (called lawsuit.exe, explanation.exe or documents.exe) which installs malware on compromised PCs. The worm then executes routines which seek to infect other computers via email or P2P networks posing as nude pictures of actress Kate Beckinsale, or erotic photographs of celebrity hotel heiress Paris Hilton and pop strumpet Britney Spears.”