From today’s Boston Globe:

“Sometimes lawyers, not doctors, can be the key to good health.

“That principle drives a Boston Medical Center program that relies on attorneys, in partnership with physicians and social workers, to help low-income children stay healthy. The lawyers ensure that houses are heated in the winter, help undernourished families apply for food stamps, work to eliminate rodent infestation, and prod landlords to clean up moldy apartments that can trigger asthma, among other tasks.

“Now, in a national project backed by $2.7 million in grants, BMC today will launch an ambitious effort to replicate its program in every state. By using lawyers to solve legal problems that can cause illness — from fixing faulty furnaces to navigating immigration rules that may make patients afraid to apply for food or housing assistance — doctors believe they can prevent more serious health crises, such as malnutrition, job loss, and domestic violence.”

Interesting that something so innovative can be based on a foundation of common sense.