I’ve been trying on and off since September to keep a list of lawyer-written blogs in Massachusetts. Here is my list as it stands so far. Please let me know of missing links. Leave me a comment or write me at ambrogi-at-gmail.com.

  • Thanks, Bob, for including Mediation Mensch on your list. I’m honored.

    I hope you’ll consider adding the OmbudsAcademy.com when it launches later this year. It will be the first website devoted to designing and launching Ombuds programs for small companies and firms.

    All the best,
    Dina Beach Lynch, JD, Ombuds

  • Mind if I add myself?

    Sure it’s “cars, law and politics” rather than “law, cars and politics,” but I think that counts, no?


    to be found at carpundit.typepad.com

  • Hi, Bob! Thanks for including Online Guide to Mediation.

    I’ve got several others for you. There’s Andrea Goldman, a Newton attorney specializing in homeowner/contractor law, at

    There’s also Massachusetts Estate Planning and Elder Law by Leanna Hamill, from Hingham, at

    Finally, there’s the Massachusetts Personal Injury Blog at http://christopherfearley.typepad.com/