Jurors who lie or conceal information on their jury questionnaires are causing problems in the courts. Should jurors’ backgrounds be checked more carefully? Would deeper checks benefit lawyers? Would they discourage potential jurors? Join my co-host J. Craig Williams and me on the legal-affairs podcast Coast to Coast as we discuss these questions with:

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  • Anonymous

    A very interesting program. However, I was not surprised one bit that the analysis was pretty much one sided–from the attorney’s point-of-view. This talk about punishing jurors who lie was a bit much when everyone who is NOT a lawyer can see the obvious biases of the attorneys and judges. Jurors have to waste time sitting through a trial, not be compensated and have to listen to all the BS from the attorneys, while the attorneys who are PAID hundreds of dollars an hour, get to weave their fabulous tall tales to try to con as many jurors as possible. I think this background check is really a two-way street. Yes, you can check our backgrounds, but don’t think we can’t check yours as well.